How many watts of heating power do I need?

  Lorenzio Thoonen     22-09-2022     Comments (0)

To determine the number of watts is you can assume the floor area of the room to be heated. The table below serves as an indication. In practice, the heat demand is very dependent on the situation. With little insulation you should use the lowest m² value. For frost protection only, use the highest m² value. Tip: if in doubt, use a little more power (this does not mean more energy consumption, but does mean faster heating).    2...7 m² = 400 Watt   3...10 m² = 600 Watt   9...12 m² = 800 Watt 12...16 m² = 1000 Watt 14...20 m² = 1250 Watt 18...25 m² = 1500 Watt 22...32 m² = 2000 Watt 24...40 m² = 2500 Watt   Smart control saves 15% on energy costs Modern Heating Panels are equipped with an electronic control, which works with a temperature...

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