Track heating with mats

Track heating with mats 75 cm wide is very practical. Not all vehicles are the same width and space is also needed for safe entry and exit. A heated width of 50 cm is often too narrow.

Applications for track heating

Roadway heating, driveway heating, driveway heating, ramp heating. Of course, you can also use these mats to heat a wider contiguous surface. Especially useful when renovating, where a new top layer is applied.


Mats in many different lengths

The extra strong heating cable is mounted on metal strips for proper loop spacing. Each heating mat has a standard 4-meter-long connecting cable on one side.

The heat output is 300 watts per m², which is sufficient under concrete, bricks or tiles up to 8 cm thick. The robust heating cable can withstand high temperatures, briefly even up to +180 °C.

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