Road surface heating for greater safety

For mounted heating cables for road surface heating in ramps, driveways, loading pits and driveways made of concrete or asphalt.

Unique concept: now quick and easy calculation with fixed m² price, regardless of the required cable lengths.

Road heating 230 Volt for concrete

Reinforced prefabricated heat cables with waterproof sleeves. Mount with ty-reps on the reinforcement, after which concrete can be poured. This waterproof cable operates at 230 volts, has an extra strong jacket and is factory fitted with one cold end. Prefab cable in various lengths for composing any heated surface. At 275 Watt/m² the price is € 27.50 per m².

Road heating 400 Volt for asphalt

Especially for renovation there is a high power heating cable, which can withstand hot asphalt of 250 °C. It has two cold ends and is supplied prefabricated with waterproof and heat-resistant connection sleeves. Apply to the old (concrete) road surface, secure with mounting strips and then cover with asphalt. At 300 Watt/m² the price is € 60 per m².


Switch on road surface heating automatically

For optimum safety with minimum energy consumption, you need a control road surface heater. It works with a road surface sensor for humidity and temperature. It switches the road surface heating on only when there is a danger of slipperiness. In dry winter weather, the system will therefore consume no power.

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