Keeping drains frost-free?

Electric heating with a heat cable prevents freezing of gutters, drains, sumps, catch basins and drain pipes. All you need is a connection to the 230 volt mains.

The robust thermal ribbons and frost-free elements are self-regulating: their heat output depends on the ambient temperature and in places where the cable comes into contact with snow or ice it will automatically give off more heat.

The plug-in frost-free cables have a fixed heat output and feature a built-in clixon thermostat.


Keeping small gutters and roof surfaces frost-free


A frost-free tracing element protects small surfaces and drains from freezing. These tracing elements are pre-wired with a 230 V connecting cable. They are 50 or 100 cm long and intended for permanent (fixed) installation. Preferably connect via a frost thermostat.


Frost-free gutters and downspouts


For all kinds of situations on roofs there is Thermolint that can keep a long gutter or downspout (also plastic) frost-free. Thermolint should not be shorter than the drainpipe. Any remaining material goes into the gutter to keep the inlet ice-free. At the transition between gutter and pipe, mount a suspension strip, which acts as a strain relief.


Note: for keeping a condensate drain (PVC pipe, up to approx. 40 mm) frost-free, we recommend Heating Ribbon FV-10.

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