Keep your roof free of snow

Especially for outdoor application, there is waterproof heat cable with an output of 20 watts per meter. Up to an outside temperature of +10 °C, this cable can be safely switched on. With at least 5 cm free distance between cable parts (loops), so that it can release its heat well. This heating cable is widely applicable, under the tiles of the terrace, in the concrete of the sidewalk, but also on the roof. This particularly involves places where snow accumulates, such as in gutters.

For plastic roof sections and relatively short lengths, we recommend self-adjusting Heating Ribbon.


Temperature control with frost-thermostat

This heating cable has a fixed resistance value and is equipped with a cold end without a 230 V plug. It works directly on the mains voltage and must be connected via a Frost Thermostat with sensor, or other temperature control.

Heating cable 20 Watt/m

UV and weather resistant: yes

Supply voltage: 230 Volt

Connection: one side

Earthing screen: yes

Cold end: approx. 2.5 m

Diameter: approx. 5 mm Ø

Bend radius: > 30 mm

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