Electric floor heating with heating mat

The heating cable is stitched back-and-forth on a mesh mat with a build-up height of 3 mm. The fixed loop distance is optimal for application in tile adhesive of floors in bathroom and (residential) kitchen.

Complete set for floor heating

  • Cutting heating mat with self-adhesive backing.
  • Mat lengths from 100 cm (1 m²) to 20 m (10 m²).
  • Built-in clock thermostat (choice of 2 types).
  • Sensor for measuring temperature in the floor.
  • Mounting instruction and thermostat manual.

Touch clock thermostat

  • Fits in wall box
  • Operation: touch screen
  • Switching capacity: 3600 W
  • Various setting options
  • Can be operated manually and automatically

Clock thermostat OCD4

  • Fits into wall box
  • Manufacturer: OJ Elektronik
  • Switching capacity: 3600 W
  • Memory for settings
  • Can be operated manually and automatically


Floor heating with loose cables


This electric heating is also available without mat: Heating cable MF10 with an output of 10 Watts per meter.

The robust heating cable MF20 (20 W/m) is suitable for screeds and conservatories.


Advantages of cables over mats: 1) you can adapt the laying pattern to (irregular) surfaces, 2) by choosing the loop distance you determine the heat output (Watts/m²).

Multiple cables (up to 3,600 watts) can be placed on one thermostat control.

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