Heating ribbon prevents freezing

This heating ribbon is self-regulating, so it is ideal for keeping pipes, drains and numerous other winter-sensitive applications frost-free.


Heating ribbon consists of a thin, flexible cable with hard plastic outer jacket. From 1 to 100 m, watertight and equipped with a sturdy power cord. So completely plug-ready!


Indoor & outdoor, on metal or plastic

Heating tape can keep almost anything frost-free and may be applied to metal and plastic (such as PVC and tyleen) pipes, indoors and also outdoors. Awkward surfaces such as pumps and water meters pose no problem: wrapping and cross application are allowed with this heating ribbon.

Heating ribbon never gets too hot

Because the heating ribbon is self-limiting (tracing principle), it can never get too hot. The heat body is temperature dependent and the resistance decreases as the environment gets colder. Therefore, at the place with the lowest temperature, the heating ribbon emits the most heat. (This is in contrast to frost-free ribbon with built-in thermostat, which measures the temperature at only one spot and therefore can only operate at full power)

Heated water pipes do not freeze

Installation is easy: see photo. In combination with a watertight grommet, Heating Ribbon can even be installed inside a water pipe or tyler hose. This is because the smooth outer jacket of this Swedish heating ribbon is safe for use in drinking water, both for humans and animals.

If you want to control the heating ribbon automatically, the Frost switch is a must! This ensures that the pipe heater is only switched on when there is a danger of freezing. This makes forgetting a thing of the past and also saves energy.

Quick delivery from stock

Available from stock: various lengths of heating tape from 1 m to as much as 100 m heated length in one piece. Complete with 2 m cable and molded plug.

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