Temperature monitoring with GSM alarm

A special GSM alarm with temperature sensor allows you to monitor a temperature remotely. It sends a notification to your GSM when the temperature goes below (or above) the set value.

Applications: monitoring rooms, pipes, sprinklers and cooling systems and any other place where too high or too low temperature causes problems. We have a GSM detector for use in humid environments and one for indoors, which can also report mains power failures.


Monitoring sprinkler systems with or without tracing

How do you check whether the pipes of a sprinkler system are still frost-free? Mount the sensor with a tie-wrap tightly against the pipe, wrap it with its regular insulation material and set the reporting temperature of the Vorstalarm to a few degrees above zero.

This temperature monitoring can also be applied to pipes that are traced against freezing. For this, it is convenient to run the GSM detector on a corresponding mains adapter. You connect this to the same 230V group as the tracing tape. You will then receive a message if the mains voltage is no longer present and if the pipe temperature is too low.

Checking whether an area is (still) frost-free

Example: a warehouse, animal house or vacation home with a heating system that needs to keep the room frost-free. Normally the thermostat is set to +5 or +8 ºC, for example. If you set the frost alarm a few degrees lower, a notification will automatically come when the heating system stops working. By using a corresponding mains adapter, you will also receive a notification when the 230V mains voltage is lost. Power failure is often the first indication that something is going wrong.

Temperature monitoring of cooling systems

Other applications can be found in cold rooms, mortuaries, agricultural, catering, supermarkets, etc.

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