Rain pipe frost protection with tracing cable

A frozen downspout can result from freezing dripping slush or blockages, due to debris. Obstruction of the rainwater drainage system (HWA) often leads to leaks or damage to roof and gutter.


Keeping a HWA frost-free? Preventive application of heat tracing prevents the drain pipe from freezing shut. Note that not every heat tracing cable is suitable as downspout frost protection. Tracing cable is self-regulating and can therefore also be safely used in a rainwater discharge made of plastic (PVC).


Applying frost protection in drainpipe

Procedure: hang the tracing cable inside the downspout, on a suspension strip or strain relief. In principle, one cable is sufficient for the entire length of the pipe, including inclined or horizontal sections and bends. Of course, the downspout must be wide enough to allow unobstructed drainage along the cable.

What if the downspout is already frozen?

A frozen PVC pipe is easily broken by knocking or hammering. However, you can slowly thaw the downspout with a tracing cable attached (temporarily) along the outside against the pipe. After the ice in the downspout has melted, you then hang the same cable inside the pipe.

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