Frost-free ribbon with built-in thermostat

This frost-free ribbon with built-in thermostat prevents a frozen water pipe. The temperature control is in the connection socket, between the frost-free ribbon and the connection cord. The pipe heater switches on as soon as the water pipe gets colder than +5 °C and it switches off automatically when there is no more danger of freezing.

Most frost-free ribbons have an output of 10 watts per linear meter. This ribbon produces 20% more heat and therefore offers better protection against freezing.


Frost-free ribbon for water pipes made of metal

The built-in thermostat, which is mounted against the pipe with the frost-free ribbon, should be located at the coldest point. In practice, this will not be a problem when the entire pipe is in the same room, such as in a garage or utility room. In all other situations, self-regulating heating tape is a better solution!


The connecting cord with the molded-on grounded plug forms one unit with the frost-free ribbon. The end is equipped with a waterproof end sleeve. Mounting and connecting is therefore easy. (NB: the ribbon cable must not overlap by wrapping or crossing)


NOTE: for frost-proofing a plastic pipe, water meter, condensate drain, PVC gutter, etc., this frost-proof ribbon is not suitable. For this we recommend heating tape that is self-regulating over its entire length (tracing principle). This type of ribbon can never become too hot and may even be applied overlapping (crossed). Also for (semi-) outdoor use, such as under a mobile home or chalet, heating tape is the best choice!


Frost protection ribbon - specifications


Operating voltage: 230 V

Power: approx. 15 Watt/m

Thermostat: bi-metal

Bending radius: >40 mm

Insulation: PVY/XLPE/FEP

Cable Ø: max. 9x6 mm

Connection cable: approx. 1.5 m

Mains plug: yes, earthed

Quality mark: CE


Power requirements for keeping pipes frost-free


Pipe up to Ø 22 mm: frost protection ribbon 1x length / 15 W/m

Pipe Ø 22...44 mm: 2x (is back and forth) / 30 W/m

Pipes Ø 44...88 mm: frost protection tape 3x length / 45 W/m


Installation advice: Lay the frost protection tape along the water pipe and secure it with ty-reps, adhesive tape or aluminium tape.

Tip: provide the water pipe with insulation after installing the frost-free ribbon: this ensures better protection against freezing and lower power consumption.

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