Electric floor heating with heating cable.

Create any laying pattern yourself, useful for rooms that are not rectangular. With the loop distance, you determine the output per square meter.

Rules of thumb for heat output:

  • Bathroom: 150 W/m²
  • Kitchen: 125 W/m²
  • Living room: 100 W/m²
  • Garage: 150...175 W/m²
  • Conservatory: 175...200 W/m².
  • Terrace/ sidewalk: 250 W/m²


Which cable type do I need?

MF10 - extra thin, for underfloor heating in tile adhesive
MF20 - for underfloor heating in cement, mortar or concrete
For both cable types, we recommend a thermostat control with floor sensor.

What cable length do I need?

  1. determine the power required per m²
  2. determine the net floor area to be heated
  3. multiply this by the power per m²
  4. choose the cable with the correct power

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