Snow-free driveway

A snow-free driveway is possible with special electric heating mats. The heating cable is attached to a plastic mat. This can be embedded in asphalt (during application max. +105 ºC), cement or concrete and under clinker paving or tiles.


For frost-proofing the entire driveway or (for example) with 2 driving tracks each 50 cm wide.

  • Heat output: 320 W/m2
  • Connection voltage: 230 Volt
  • Laying width: 50 cm


Under bricks, natural stone or tiles - up to 8cm thick

Mat lengths: 4.2m | 6.9m | 8.5m | 14.4m | 18.0m.

Delivery time on average 1 week, small mats from stock.

Method: stabilized subsoil to prevent subsidence, then layer (approx. 1 cm) of sand cement, in which the heating mat is embedded.

Explanation: The addition of cement (mortar) ensures better heat conduction and lateral distribution of heat.

Note: The clinkers or tiles should not press directly on the cables of the mat.

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